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According to our mebel minimalis, Boys bedroom decorations are sometimes underestimated as if boys are the same as most people who don’t care about the element of beauty. It turns out that this is a false stigma. Many boys’ bedrooms that have a high level of beauty value really support them to live in it and inspire them to have cool creative ideas. That is that the bedroom has a role in educating our children. There are tips for decorating a boy’s room with an interesting artistic value as seen in the pictures below.


Decorating a boy’s room with a selection of beds


The most important element in building comfort in a children’s room is the selection of a tempat tidur jati to support interior design. Therefore the choice of beds for them must be creative in addition to having quality materials. Usually, boys have a soul that likes challenges.


This type of bunk bed will certainly provide a challenging element where they can go up and down to play. It has a dynamic impression that they can not only sleep on top but can have the option to occupy the lower or upper side.


Tips for decorating a boy’s room with thematic elements


In designing the interior of a boy’s room, of course, you have to think about a design theme that is suitable for boys. More boys like bold themes, so the elements of color and decoration that give a thematic impression are important things to consider.


As can be seen in the picture, the ball theme with the complete learning tools is very supportive in dedicating a room for them. The colors that make up the theme must be varied and more than one color. That’s because they get bored of one color faster. Then something like that will make the display more memorable and alive.


Tips for decorating a boy’s bedroom with a transportation model


Boys tend to like the automotive world, maybe this is their characteristic that the world of transportation such as cars is very attractive to them. This is the time to present a bedroom wrapped in transportation decorations and accessories into a special gift that is very beautiful and memorable.


To design it, first you can equip the tempat tidur anak with a car shape like a sedan. Then you can add paintings or terrain in the form of roads. Perhaps a table that resembled a gas station also graced the room even more.


Decorating the boy’s room with a model of a playground


It has been discussed in the description above that boys like challenges. This can inspire you to provide a room interior design with a playground model. Indeed, this type of room will tend to look narrower because of the many play facilities, but the impact of this type of room is extraordinary in providing learning facilities so that they are more creative.


See tips for decorating a living room with a combination of kursi tamu jati.


Tips for decorating a boy’s room with cool animated image models


Which boys don’t like animated characters, they idolize these characters more so that they like to display them in their rooms. In order to be more creative, of course parents should guide him so that the image is transformed into an artistic bedroom interior design with high artistic value. First, you can give a touch of an animated image to the bed. You can also attach these image elements to furniture such as tables and cupboards. Of course the results will look extraordinary and they will feel very happy.


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